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The Rotten Apple is your answer to inbox overload.

The Rotten Apple is for busy food professionals, policy-makers and purveyors who want the big picture on food safety, food authenticity and sustainable supply chains.

The Rotten Apple is about 🍏 food safety 🍏 food fraud 🍏 sustainable supply chains 🍏

Hi, I’m Karen!

I do the hard work for you. Every week I scan hundreds of news articles, blog posts, forums, newsletters and Twitter feeds for relevant food and ag news. The Rotten Apple is me sharing the items that I think you will find the most interesting and useful.

Topics are expertly curated so they are practical and relevent.

You get a short, sharp read, with links to more information on each item if you want to go deeper.

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  • The current state of food safety systems (for example, has the GFSI lost its way?)

  • Food fraud incidents from around the globe, from the last week;

  • Horizon scanning news for food ingredients and commodities.

You won’t find:

x Press releases from food companies about their latest β€˜initiatives’ or products.

x Advertorials about equipment, systems or services for food production.

x Self promotion or endorsements. While I do offer food fraud products, training and consultancy services, I don’t promote them in this newsletter.

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